Hi, I am Mike Nottingham.

My wife Melissa and I make up M&M Photography. We are both avid photographers. We have a passion for shooting photography. We love to photograph outdoors in the beautiful Arizona weather or our home studio, or at at your home.

I first got into photography in High School where I would photograph all the pictures for our year books. Back in those days, Id go down to the dark room and develop all the film.

Growing up in Montana, I've been shooting wildlife and the Montana scenery since I was a kid, I have grown to love photographing people doing what they love to do. Seems Like I have always had a camera around.

These days I have stepped it up into Family, Pets, Portraits and Boudoir Photography. With my back ground in Graphic Design, I bring a unique aspect to your pictures. I can fix blemishes, and get rid of unwanted backgrounds, to adding some very cool effects to them.

My wife Melissa has taken up my love of photography and has developed a great eye for people at an extremely fast pace.

We look forward to taking your pictures to mark these moments in time.



“"I had the absolute pleasure in getting to model for this amazing duo. Both Michael and Melissa were so kind and really helped me realize just how beautiful I am. Such amazing and kind souls. The results of the pictures were stunning too."”

—Baleigh Heger

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